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Steel Guru’s Market Intelligence Services PS14 provides a tool to compare the price trends for upto three products to help you analyze the trend variation between them

It allows prices of products in different currency to be plotted in chosen currency.

Advanced Graphics, Xcel and PDF download options and Email facility available.


Steel Guru's Market Intelligence Services PS14 has unique system generated outlook for price of a product wrt price of downstream, peer or upstream product.

The output is in speedometer graphical format showing the weakness, stability or overheating of price of a product wrt another related product.

Historic delta trend between these products can also seen in graphical form

Import Calculator

Steel Guru’s Market Intelligence Services PS14 provides a quick CFR to landed price conversion after considering import taxes, expenses and current currency exchange rate.

You can choose local currency to get landed rates.


Although the cost of steel making varies to a great extend depending upon Raw Materials Cost, Electricity Tarrifs and Labour Cost etc, production cost of various stages of steel making like Hot Metal, Liquid Steel, Slab, Hot Band, Cold Rolled through BF-BOF, EAF or IF assuming consumption parameters / cost as per global practices is arrived.